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Tasting Torah

Nourish mind, body, and soul with a summary of this week's Torah portion and a recipe derived from the parasha.
This Week's Tasting Torah Portion:

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Find the healthy, delicious, quick-and-easy-to-prepare recipe that relates to this week's Torah portion.
This Week's Parasha-Related Recipe:

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Tasting Torah Workshop

To extend your community’s involvement in Shabbat celebration, contact Meryll to conduct a workshop “cooked to order” for your individual community needs.

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A Word from the Cook

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Given your busy schedule, do you find it hard to prepare delicious, healthy Friday night dinners that spark interesting and fun discussions as well as learning and love of Jewish traditions?

Tasting Torah, a recipe/discussion series based on the weekly Torah portion, can help you enrich your Friday night dinner experience. All your Shabbat dinner guests, from young children to elderly adults, can enjoy connecting with each other as they solve the Parasha-related food mystery, look for answers to this week's thought-provoking questions, and express their own views.

I hope you will enjoy this accessible, fun way to enrich your Shabbat meals.

Meryll Levine Page

Tasting Torah's Author and Cook

This Week's Tasting Torah Portion

This Week's Parasha-Related Recipe

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